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We welcome you to experience transformation and empowerment in your life through our events! They will assist you to have more inner peace, transformation & improve your overall wellbeing.

Are you seeking to remove the fear and blocks holding you back from transformation and personal success? Do you need a shift in your life to release your suffering, fear and to empower yourself? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place.

We welcome you all to experience beautiful empowerment and transformation, to shift and call success into your life. If you are looking to grow, remove fear, become more successful and awaken your mind to live your best life we can help you! Astrid brings forth an experience of Divine Inspiration and can help you to break through the fears and limitations holding you back. You will leave feeling strengthened and having the breakthroughs needed to feel more in control and have better health- mentally, physically and emotionally- which will improve your quality of life overall. If you have any type of suffering or fear holding you back from experiencing a better quality of life then we welcome you here, to release it and be unburdened.

Astrid has worked with thousands of people- individually, through group work, speaking events and online to help bring about the success they desire and dream of.

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“Your events help me to focus on my strengths and use it to do what my hearts calls for.

It is through your energy, kindness, wisdom, and guidance that I feel enlightened"

— Priscilla Seas

“Thank you for creating a safe space to explore my spiritual journey..

I was moved by your energy, wisdom and love. Thank you for holding this event in Melbourne.”

— Joanna Bagnoux Fricot

“I will always be grateful for having Astrid come into my life at the time she did.

Her connection to the Spirit world is something you know to be the truth and is a vibration my whole body feels every time I connect with her.

Her immense amount of pure love allows healing to take place no matter what needs help. It is rare to find a soul that is able to feel and dissect emotions that I have and to find a way to shed light and wholeness on anything that is broken.”

— Marissa Otis, HONEY health and wellness

“Thanks so much for suggesting today to me.

I feel it has enlightened me & it was an amazing experience! Astrid is Divine, one special Lady. Thank you 🙏xo

Wowwww amazing! Can’t wait for the next event/session in July. Uplifting Astrid and Ashlee! Stay blessed ♥️♥️”

— Virginie

“I attended one of Astrid’s Events called Elevate your spirit and WOW! It’s been a few days now and I feel amazing..

The past couple of Months have been extremely overwhelming for me in so many aspects of my life.

I can honestly say that I have more clarity and tools to get through my personal OCD stuff 🤣 its wasn’t magic 🪄it was just DEEP healing.

I’m so blessed and grateful to have you 🙏❤️ Keep doing what you are doing… I’ll see you in September at your next event.”


— Layla Raad

“Since meeting Astrid my life has moved leaps and bounds in a positive direction..

I immediately felt a connection with Astrid and her beauty, love and kindness radiates. Through her I feel a spiritual connection and guidance unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I feel stronger, happier and healthier. I’m so grateful to know her and be able to connect with her whenever I need.”


— Jac | Melbourne

“Within days I was thinking clearer, feeling grounded and so incredible peaceful.

I have NEVER felt this in my life. I am able to take the stillness achieved through my meditation practice right the way through my day, allowing me to tune into my guidance and feel my way through life without self sabotaging thoughts from past conditioning.

I feel I can confidently move forward with Astrid and get the best and most out of our sessions and I am so excited for the healing hold for me and my family.

Thank you so much Astrid. ❤️”


— Bethany C - Melbourne

“Astrid truly is an anointed child of God.

She has a way of speaking to the Heavens and through the Holy Spirit, prayers are answered.

She brings a sense of peace wherever she goes, like a walking Angel.”


— Tamisha Vegh

"Astrid’s events are always fantastic, her work, her passion for what she does is actually fire! Such a powerhouse of a woman.

Not only is she great at what she does, but she’s a beautiful woman inside and out. I definitely recommend anyone to try out at least one of Astrid’s events, as I can guarantee that you wouldn’t regret it, you will leave feeling a huge shift, as though a ton of bricks have been lifted off your shoulders, she is just so incredibly talented. 💜

Thank you so much for having me at your event on Sunday, It was exactly what I needed.”


— Makeda

“Astrid is a world class success mentor.

She absolutely excels at what she does and my life changed completely for the better after a very short period of time of working together - both health wise and career wise. Astrid is extraordinary at identifying and removing blocks to success and her intuition and guidance are second to none. My career opportunities exploded at rapid speed as a result of Astrid’s mentorship - she is dedicated, committed, highly professional and works extremely hard to bring about only the best results for her clients.”


— Dr Melissa Keogh, Clinical Psychologist and Media Consultant.

"Thank you so much for this beautiful event experience. It was very uplifting 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it! ♥️♥️♥️"



"I feel so much lighter and like some deep heaviness has left me. I’m ready for anything!"



"After Sundays Event I feel so much lighter! 🙌"


Astrid Divine

She is a Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor and NLP Practitioner.

Speaking Engagements

Motivate & awaken what needs to be ignited in your community to bring more certainty, self belief and inner confidence.

Healing Products for your Inner Peace & Wellbeing

These products can be used for spiritual growth and to release the fears and blocks holding you back from becoming whole, centred and free.

Astrid is the author of Allow Love To Guide You. She is a Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor and NLP Practitioner. Astrid has worked on various projects with young people and is an accomplished speaker catering to large groups of people around Australia focusing on growth and personal transformation.

Astrid has presented in schools with excellent outcomes and recommendations. Astrid was featured as one of 23 Australians in the book Your Successful Life sharing amazing stories to inspire others. Astrid has produced multiple products and meditation albums with other Australian Authors and Artists.



When: Sunday September 25th
Time: 1.30pm to
Venue: Livingstone Community Centre, 31 Parkhurst drive – Cranbourne East 3977
Cost $40

You will receive the breakthrough, wisdom and inspiration you need to align with your purpose and removing all blocks and limitations holding you back from moving forward.

Elevate your Spirit – Leadership & Business


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