What to expect?


What can I expect from Astrid’s event, services and products?

At Astrid’s events you can expect to experience beautiful healing of your mind, body and soul. Through a beautiful meditation experience there is a sense of Divine peace and love all around to fill your mind, body, heart and soul in order to create inner peace.

God’s love is felt, heard and seen at Astrid’s events and services. Astrid also educates you on how to train your mind so you can have more inner peace and coaches you to shift your mindset to support your mental health and rid old ways of thinking to transform your life.

To find out in more detail specifically please look at our online events to see which event suits you and what’s involved.

Astrid’s Products

All of Astrid’s books, meditations and divinely created products are going to help you transform for deep healing and a sense of peace never before felt within you. It’s an experience of spiritual breakthrough combined with wisdom and mentoring through coaching to help transform your mind to break through limitations.

To find a product to assist with your transformation visit Astrid’s ONLINE SHOP.

Love creates miracles

We see it and experience it through God's love bringing inner peace everyday here at Spirit of Divinity!

Astrid Divine

She is a Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor and NLP Practitioner.

Speaking Engagements

Motivate & awaken what needs to be ignited in your community to bring more certainty, self belief and inner confidence.

Healing Products for your Inner Peace & Wellbeing

These products can be used for spiritual growth and to release the fears and blocks holding you back from becoming whole, centred and free.

“I will always be grateful for having Astrid come into my life at the time she did.

Her connection to the Spirit world is something you know to be the truth and is a vibration my whole body feels every time I connect with her.

Her immense amount of pure love allows healing to take place no matter what needs help. It is rare to find a soul that is able to feel and dissect emotions that I have and to find a way to shed light and wholeness on anything that is broken.”

— Marissa Otis, HONEY health and wellness

“Astrid is the most beautiful person you will ever meet in your life & she loves you.

She loves you & every other human being unconditionally whether she has met you or not & I pray that every person in this world may cross her path in one way or another & be blessed by her divine grace so you will feel the love of God which is the space in which she lives, I am eternally grateful for my encounter with this beautiful soul & all that she has done for me & my loved ones, the changes in our lives are beyond words as she turns all people into more loving versions of their beautiful selves & that is the truth.”


— Quentin Santi

“There was one point in life, where nothing seemed to be working out.

I was struggling to pay rent, and almost got evicted from my rental. Astrid came over and prayed for my children and myself, and by the Miracle of God, we were able to come up with enough money to keep a roof over mine and my children’s heads.

This is one of the miracles that has happened to me through god and Astrid that I wanted to share.”


— Elle Zaffour

“What an amazing journey to have travelled with Astrid.

She was able to create a safe space for me during this time of inner healing.

The honesty, compassion and guidance she provided created a space for my soul to grow.

This time with her has been invaluable for myself and my family. We are living a more present and full life.”


— Dominque Ben, Coach and Mentor

“Astrid truly is an anointed child of God.

She has a way of speaking to the Heavens and through the Holy Spirit, prayers are answered.

She brings a sense of peace wherever she goes, like a walking Angel.”


— Tamisha Vegh

“Astrid is the Divine embodiment of the Divine Mother.

Her presence invokes a sense of peace and inner calm.

Astrid helps you connect to unconditional forgiveness of self and others so that you may live a grace filled life.”


— Makeda