Events for Inner Peace, Transformation & Wellbeing


When: Sunday September the 25th
Time: 1.30pm to
Venue: Livingstone Community Centre, 31 Parkhurst drive – Cranbourne East 3977
Cost $40

You will receive the breakthrough, wisdom and inspiration you need to align with your purpose and removing all blocks and limitations holding you back from moving forward.

Elevate your Spirit – Leadership & Business


“My friends and I felt called to a healing experience with Astrid, coming with our own intentions to bring to this space and time.

“We felt able to open up, be vulnerable and share , which Astrid contained in a beautiful and nurturing way, laced with her unique energy and personality! Feeding off the individual care we experienced and a sense of love and empowerment as a group, we all left feeling energised, peaceful and ready to move forward. Thank you Astrid.”

— Hannah M

“I just wanted to say the biggest thank you.

“Last night’s event was amazing and I am so grateful to have been a part of it! Thank you so much for healing me. Spending that time with you helped me to gain the clarity I’ve been needing so thank you again not just for that but for everything you do. I love you.”

— Phoenix Bizzari

“Astrid’s event helped me gain a sense of clarity, self belief and practical direction.

“Her calming energy and guidance allowed me to fall into a state of peace and relaxation during the meditation session.

Thank you Astrid.”


— Priscilla Sejas

“Astrid’s event inspired me to want to be the best version of myself. She is a miracle worker.

“Her divine love and guidance gives you the clarity and certainly you need with the greatest sense of self love and self worth leaving feeling whole and wonderful. Astrid is not of this Earth, she is beyond special and anyone that encounters her will feel extremely blessed.

Astrid’s event will lead you where you need to be in life to reach your highest self by combining both spiritual healing and practical tools. Astrid’s event will help you ignite the fire inside you to want to move forward towards your dreams and leave what does not serve you behind.” 

— Ashlee