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Astrid Divine

Astrid has presented in schools with excellent outcomes and recommendations. Astrid was featured as one of 23 Australians in the book Your Successful Life sharing amazing stories to inspire others. Astrid has produced multiple products and meditation albums with other Australian Authors and Artists.

Astrid is the author of Allow Love To Guide You. She is a Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor and NLP Practitioner. Astrid has worked on various projects with young people and is an accomplished speaker, catering to large groups of people around Australia focusing on growth and personal transformation.

When Astrid serves you, your company, organisation, school or for a client.

Speaking Engagement

When Astrid visits your organisation she will bring forth an experience of Divine Inspiration to break through the fears and limitations present. Astrid will share the spiritual and practical tools needed to release what no longer serves your community and enable them to gain new tools to support their personal empowerment and overall goals.

Astrid will motivate and awaken what needs to be ignited in your community to bring more certainty, self belief and inner confidence. Any fears and old ways of thinking that no longer serve your clients, employees or students to reach their goals will be released as new ways of thinking, which are beneficial for moving forward will be applied and taught.

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Transformation Engagements

After the group experiences Astrid’s speaking or meditations the outcome is an inspirational awakening to feeling more whole, empowered, and purposeful. The experience is truly magical and will be something people will not forget.

Astrid facilitates this through the spiritual gifts God has blessed her with for transformation and through coaching and mentoring others to break through limiting beliefs, as well as connect with their values and release old patterns and conditioning that no longer serve them, bringing forth transformation. People leave feeling centred, awakened and full of life.

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